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Parcel ID Search: There are four segments of the parcel id # (also known as Chart, Block, and Lot). Segments must be entered as follows:
Chart: a three-digit number followed by two spaces (000 ) and sometimes followed by a letter (000A)and a space.
Block: a two-character alpha field. A block can appear two different ways. Most commonly with a space before the letters, ( A) or as a double letter, (AA) and space before.
Lot: A three-digit number (000).
Unit: A three-digit number, which describes the unit in a building, such as condos. In most cases the number will be (001). In other cases, such as condos, the number will be the unit number in that building.

Example: Most common format; 000  A000001, Chart with Letter; 000A A000001, Block with two leters; 000 AA000001, Unit; 000 A000014

Hint: If you want to see all property for a specific chart, only type the chart. If you want to see for a specific chart and block, type just the chart and block.

Street Address:
When typing in a street name do not use a suffix ie... "St", "Rd", "Street", "Lane" etc..
If you do not find the property you are looking for under a specific street number, remove the number, leaving only
the street name.  This will bring  up all the listings for that street.

Sketch Abbreviations:
Fr - frame 		WD - wood deck		MP - masonry patio
UA - unfinished attic	FOH - frame overhang	CPAT - concrete patio
FA - finished attic	B  - basement		MT - masonry stoop
FG - frame garage		Ms - masonry 		CP - carport
FBAY - frame bay		MG - masonry garage	GH - green house
OFP - open frame porch	MB - masonry bay		CNPY - canopy
EP - enclosed porch	OP - open masonry porch
FUB - frame utility bldg.				MUB- masonry utility bldg.